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                      Care for your car's new paint job



1. For the first few nights after painting,We recommend that you keep the car in a garage or enclosed area this reduces the chance of acids from bird droppings or tree sap from damaging fresh paint.

2. Should bird droppings or tree sap fall on your car,remove immediatley with a soap formulated specifically for washing cars.The acids in these substances will damage your finish.

3. Wait a minimum of 30 days before using a car cover or a commercial car wash.

4. High-pressure hoses and brushes at a wash may damage your paint.We suggest using only soft cotton towels or sponges when washing your car. A brushless car wash is better for keeping your car looking new.

5. Do not wax or polish your car for at least 60 days.Use only a good quality car wax or polish that is free of abrasive cleaning agents.Abrasive materials can mar and dull your finish.   

6. Polish/wax  your car at least once every 4 months,with polish/wax  specifically for car finishes.

***A special thanks goes to the Seaway Cruisers Classic Car Club and their News Letter Editor Lamonte George for this info.***


Acrylic Enamel Paint Tips


1. Wait at least 120 days before waxing or polishing  your vehicle.

2. Never use dish to clean your car,it will remove any wax or proctective coatings and may also dull your finish.

3. If you are going to use a car cover ,make sure it has a soft lining.Also a period longer than 30 days should be used before appling your cover.

***Special thanks to Chris Hutchins for these tips and if you have any paint related questions you can contact Chris at

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